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Data Over Instinct Workshop Series

Workshops are paused at the moment but will be back in 2021

Build your expertise in analytics by attending one of our free courses.

Our Workshop Series was inspired by the success of our annual Data Over Instinct Summit, with attendees requesting more technical training options. Each Workshop is taught by the same practitioners at Anvil who implement robust measurement programs for our clients, and our courses are designed to offer training far beyond other educational options available. Attendees will finish each course with a deep technical understanding of the Workshop topic, empowered to implement solutions.

All Workshops are free and will be conducted as live, 1-hour webinars.

Upcoming Workshops

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Past Workshops

Building Effective Digital Marketing Reports

Are your digital marketing reports landing with your audience? Are you able to leverage the power of data to tell an effective story that will help you secure and protect your marketing budget? Learn how to make your reports less boring and more impactful.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How and when to use a dashboard, report, or simply dialogue to communicate the results of your marketing campaigns
  • The process for creating digital marketing dashboards and reports
  • How to handle common issues that come up during the reporting process

Working with Custom Data in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a catch-all tool, tracking many metrics “out of the box.” But, it has a tremendous amount of power to be customized for your business, including tracking events, custom metrics, calculations, and other important metrics across your website. Learn more about how using custom data can help give you insight you may not have known was possible.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to set up event tracking to measure onsite behavior
  • How to configure custom dimensions, calculations, and metrics that will help you better understand your audience
  • How to use the Measurement Protocol when Google Analytics data needs to be tracked outside of your website

A Deep Dive Into Attribution Modeling

Do you know which attribution model to use to measure the effectiveness of your campaign? First-click? Last-click? Linear? 50/50? There are quite a few different models, and it’s easy to be overwhelmed, confused, and frustrated about choosing one. Taking a peek into the Model Comparison Tool inside of Google Analytics makes things more confusing. Learn more about different attribution models and which one to select for your campaign’s measurement (or not).

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to set the ideal attribution model for your business
  • How to compare results across different attribution models
  • How to compare results across platforms that are using various attribution models

Marketing & Analytics Tools for HIPAA Compliance

As marketers in the healthcare industry, it’s a fine line to walk to try to offer personalized and helpful digital experiences to patients while also ensuring tactics are HIPAA compliant. In this webinar, our CEO Jenny Bristow will dive into her favorite digital marketing tools that offer the ability to track a campaign’s performance while also ensuring safety of PHI. Attorney Mariquita Barbieri, Principal at Carmody MacDonald, will share the current climate of HIPAA and what to expect in the coming months.

You’ll learn the following:

  • A checklist of questions to ask yourself about any new tool you’re considering
  • Anvil’s list of favorite tools that offer HIPAA compliant settings
  • What to watch for in the coming months with HIPAA changes

Tracking + Measurement for Multi-Touchpoint Funnels – Healthcare Edition

Most healthcare organizations juggle multiple websites and mobile applications. Over the last thirty years of the Internet, your healthcare organization has had individual websites for different locations, services, special projects, and don’t forget third-party services. But, is your web analytics able to organize all of this data into one source? And, is that source able to track the same visitor as they move from site-to-site? In this webinar we will dig into strategies and approaches we have used dealing with the complex world of healthcare website tracking so you can get a better handle on how you can make your web analytics data useful.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to tell the full-funnel story of how visitors progress through your digital experience that may span several websites, apps, etc.
  • How cross-domain tracking works and alternative options for cross-domain tracking including User ID tracking
  • How to set up an actual cross-domain tracking property in Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager for Intermediate Users

You may have discovered the power of Google Tag Manager (GTM) for injecting tags on your website without needing to involve a developer. But, have you developed a strategic approach to tagging (including data governance) that will allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your web and app data? Learn how to make the most of GTM.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How to establish a data governance plan that will reduce confusion within your organization
  • How to use the dataLayer to create triggers on custom rules and tags to capture this data

See examples of custom tracking solutions including:

  • Add a Google Ads ID to Google Analytics Sessions to manually import data into Google Ads
  • Stop sending IP data to Google Analytics, but still exclude internal traffic in reports

“The Data Over Instinct Workshops cover topics that our team is trying to build internal capabilities for right now. Receiving hands-on, technical training on a specific area of focus accelerates our learning curve and makes the team productive much faster than other education options.”

Brad Hogenmiller, VP of Esports + Technology at EyePromise

Corporate Training

We also offer corporate training, if you’re interested in raising the bar for your entire marketing organization. Contact us for pricing and availability.